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Running an eCommerce company is no easy job. You’ve got amazing products that solve real problems. 

TrioSEO can create SEO-optimized content that drives targeted leads, boosts conversions, and maximizes ROI.


Our E-Commerce Content Writing Process

Our 10+ years of experience in SEO and content writing has taught us this: Quality content is the key to getting people to believe in and buy from you! Our proven process for creating content is very simple yet highly effective.

Here is how we do it when you partner with us:

E-Commerce Site Audit

To start, we dig into your existing website, products, and competitors. We peel back the layers to understand what makes your business tick. This helps us identify gaps and opportunities to better attract and engage customers.

Keyword Research & Planning

Next, we conduct in-depth keyword research to identify high-potential search terms. We use the “Hub and Spoke” strategy to select a perfect combination of informational and buying intent keywords. Our strategies take the stress and guesswork out of e-commerce content.

Content Creation & Publishing

This is where our writers work their magic! But we don’t just write content – we tell compelling stories tailored to your brand’s voice. We handle researching, writing, editing, optimization, formatting, calls to action, metadata, and seamless publishing!

Performance Analysis

Lastly, we make content easy to measure by providing monthly reports. These cover key metrics like traffic, leads, sales, and rankings. The insights allow us to continuously improve your content strategy over time.

What Are the Perks of E-commerce Content Writing Services?

When you partner with us for content, you get way more than just words on a page.

Here are the main advantages we offer:

What is E-commerce Content Writing?

Online shoppers don’t just buy anything these days. They need content that grabs their attention and speaks directly to them.

E-commerce content writing is all about creating strategic and persuasive content. This means crafting things like:

  • Blog articles that build trust

  • Product descriptions that make them click “Add to Cart”

  • Email newsletters with irresistible offers

  • Social media posts that drive them to your store.

The goal? To produce content that establishes credibility, answers their questions, and motivates those coveted purchases.

Want content that sells?

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What is E-commerce Content Marketing?

Forget the hard sell. Today, it’s all about creating content that actually helps your customers.

E-commerce content marketing is about using valuable content to accomplish your business goals—like driving traffic, capturing leads, and making sales.

It requires really understanding your customers so you can create content that solves their problems and answers their questions.

The focus is on informing and assisting shoppers, not pushing products. Done right, it positions your brand as a trusted resource. And that leads shoppers to buy from you.

How Can SEO Help E-commerce Websites?

Imagine your online store sitting on page 1 of Google for all your “best” keywords. That’s the power of SEO.

With strong SEO, e-commerce sites can:

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  • Skyrocket website traffic by ranking high in organic search.

  • Tap into buyer intent by targeting relevant keywords.

  • Establish authority around products, building trust with shoppers.

  • Stay top-of-mind so existing customers keep coming back.

  • Generate more leads and sales than paid ads alone.

SEO pulls in laser-targeted, ready-to-buy visitors – sustainably and cost-effectively. It’s how you can stake your claim in search rankings.

How to Develop an E-commerce Content Writing Strategy

Want content that sells? Strategy is key.

Here’s how to develop a winning game plan:

1. Do in-depth keyword research to ID topics that attract customers.

2. Map out a content calendar focused on targeted, SEO-friendly content.

3. Keep producing useful, high-quality blogs, guides, and product copy.

4. Promote that content through email, social, and more.

5. Analyze performance to see what resonates best. Then double down on that.

6. Track conversions so you can optimize for sales.

The goal is to balance informational content that builds trust with promotional content that drives commerce.

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E-commerce Content Writing Tips

Here are some pro tips for content writing for an e-commerce website:

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  • Use keywords naturally – don’t force them. Readability matters most.

  • Chop up long blocks of text. Make it scannable and easy to consume.

  • Bring your content to life with visuals like infographics and photos.

  • Write how you speak. Ditch the corporate jargon for a down-to-earth tone.

  • Back up what you say. Include credible data and real-world examples.

It’s all about the reader. Craft content that educates, entertains, and makes their lives easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our e-commerce writing services? Here are the answers:

We at TrioSEO can produce any kind of content needed to support your e-commerce strategy, including:

  • Blogs
  • How-to guides
  • Service pages
  • Blog updates
  • And more!

Our writers have experience with both copywriting and long-form content.

Outsourcing to our expert content agency, TrioSEO, provides many advantages. These include:

  • Access to seasoned e-commerce writers familiar with best practices.
  • Time and money savings compared to hiring in-house.
  • Content customized for your brand and customers.
  • Ongoing optimization of content for maximum ROI.
  • The ability to scale content production as your business grows.

Shopify and WooCommerce are two of the most powerful and flexible e-commerce CMS platforms. Both integrate seamlessly with content and allow extensive customization to create engaging shopping experiences.

Pros: Low cost, high volume, and reasonable quality for simple product descriptions.

Cons: Impersonal tone, formulaic content, lacks nuance and precision needed for complex topics.

For most e-commerce sites, human-written content is a must; AI can do many things, but selling is not its cup of tea! At TrioSEO, our writers create only high-value custom content.

There’s an art to crafting category pages that sell.

Here are some proven best practices to maximize yours:

  • Use target keywords naturally and prominently.
  • Focus on product benefits and help readers imagine using the products.
  • Include buying criteria like pricing, specs, options, and comparisons.
  • Use visuals to showcase products; optimize image names and alt text.
  • Structure content with clear headings, short paragraphs, and ample white space.
  • Add convincing calls to action to browse products or visit the cart.

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