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Our Feedback Policy

Thanks for being a TrioSEO client! We’re excited to create content that resonates with your ideal customer and drive traffic to your website with SEO. 

As we start working together, it’s important we’re on the same page when it comes to feedback.

Before we dive into our actual Feedback Policy, let’s address WHY we even have one: 

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Why have a Feedback Policy?

The most important part of writing content for you is to understand your business, your main products or services, and the voice that you want displayed on your website. These “high level” aspects of our SEO writing helps us get our entire team on the same page so we can deliver top quality content for your website. 

We’re SEO experts. We’ve been writing and publishing content for a wide variety of companies for 10+ years. We know the research, writing, and publishing process at a very high level. In order for it to work, we need your trust to write great content that will speak to your ideal customer. 

Expectations are everything. If we didn’t set them clearly for feedback, we apologize and want to get back on a good page. The feedback process is critical for our relationship to work and this policy helps keep both of us aligned with our shared goals. 

Naturally, there will be more feedback on the first few articles, but the goal is to get feedback to zero for articles so we can do what you hired us for and publish great content that increases traffic and interested customers to your website. This policy helps avoid too many back and forths. 

Being fully transparent, we’ve run into situations where clients want to be too involved in the process and our content can never reach their threshold for publishing. This policy helps avoid those types of situations from happening and anyone feeling slighted by the relationship. 

There’s a saying in SEO — “perfectionism kills SEO”. Again, we’ve seen it in full effect and it delays content from being published and results from happening. This policy helps us to avoid perfectionism from either side.

The TrioSEO Feedback Policy

High Level Feedback -- Yes please!

Anything related to your business, your services or products, and your ideal customer. This is critical so that we can get our team 100% aligned with writing for your brand. 

Avoid feedback on Grammar & Vocab

…unless it’s mission critical to the content and topic we’re writing for. We’ve been writing and publishing SEO content for 10+ years. Please trust us on the writing side to make you look good.

1 Round of Feedback per article

For each article we produce, we aim to keep it limited to 1 round of feedback. This is to avoid long back and forths which can lead to content never being published. The longer you wait to publish, the longer it takes to get SEO results. 

Goal: Get to zero feedback

The ultimate goal is to get to a place where you trust us writing for your brand and we can consistently publish articles and pages on your website each month. This saves you time, allows us to work faster, and leads to results faster.

Feedback Examples

Good Feedback

Bad Feedback

Thanks for reading!

You hired us to be your SEO team and expert. Please trust us to take your high level feedback and write the highest quality content possible. You smoother the process is, the faster we can get results for you.

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