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SEO Blog Writing Services That Get You More Traffic & Customers

We help online businesses scale organic traffic and use their blog to generate qualified leads. Learn how blog writing services can help your company turn content into consistent customers.

Our Process

We bring 10+ years of SEO experience to your business by creating a monthly plan of action and implementing it with a focus on results.

SEO Website Audit

Get started and we’ll conduct a one hour SEO audit on your website. We’ll highlight key opportunities, your current SEO standing, challenges, and if it’s a good fit for us to work together. 

Keyword Research & Planning

We’ll dive deeper to understand your ideal customer profile (ICP) and create an SEO content plan. We’ll analyze competition, research “high-potential” keywords, define their search intent, & formulate content ideas that we can implement for your website.

Content Creation & Optimization

With our team of SEO writers, we’ll write high quality blog articles & content to drive traffic & leads to your website. We’ll build keyword clusters, develop content briefs, write the content, optimize for search, & publish on your website. 

Analytics & Reporting

Most importantly, we’ll keep you up to date every month. You’ll receive a simple-to-read report that shows traffic, keywords you’re ranking for, search impressions, top performing content, areas for improvement, & more. 

Case Studies

We’ve grown multiple companies to 6, 7, and 8 figures in revenue with SEO. Go behind the scenes to see how we did it.

Zero to 1.4M Google Impressions & Ranking for 3.7k+ Keywords

How We Grew FreeUp to $12 Million/Year, 70+ DR, & an Exit with SEO

JCS Refresh Case Study - Featured Image

From 0 to 20K Organic Users in 10 Months with the Hub & Spoke Method

Who We Are

We’ve scaled businesses to 6, 7, and 8 figures utilizing SEO with an exit in 2019 to The Hoth. SEO is the cornerstone of any business we build. We’re on a mission to offer our exact strategies to  other businesses online.

Sample Content

We’ve written 1,000’s of blogs. Sample ours to see what you can expect working with us. High quality, actionable, and SEO focused.

7 Organic Marketing Strategies To Scale Faster

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Level Up Your SEO Today!

Fill out our quick form to get started. We’ll conduct an SEO audit then reach out to discuss next steps of working together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’ll have a dedicated writer. Depending on your industry and the complexity of the topic, we’ll assign writers with relevant experience or those who’ve demonstrated the ability to master intricate subjects quickly.

Results from content marketing can vary, but you may start seeing initial organic rankings and traffic improvements within a few months. However, achieving substantial results can take six months to a year or more, especially in competitive sectors. SEO is a long-term investment but yields sustainable growth over time.

We offer unlimited revisions. Our primary goal is client satisfaction, so we ensure feedback is incorporated meticulously until the content aligns perfectly with your expectations.

After an article has been written, our team will handle the upload and formatting process. We’ll need backend access but assure you of complete data confidentiality. If you’re uncomfortable providing access, we can offer a detailed guide for your team to upload the content.

We typically provide quarterly reports, but this can be customized based on your preferences. You reports will include organic traffic, keyword rankings, user behavior metrics (e.g., bounce rate, time on page), and any notable changes.

Our process begins with a deep dive into your website and industry, understanding your business objectives, target audience, and existing content. We then use a combination of tools, including Ahrefs, to identify potential keywords. Our approach is supplemented by analyzing competitors to uncover gaps and opportunities. We prioritize keywords based on search volume, relevance, and competitive landscape.