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WordPress SEO Services That Generate Traffic and Organic Leads

Partner with our WordPress SEO experts to maximize search visibility, website traffic, and qualified leads through proven SEO strategies tailored to your goals.


Our WordPress SEO Optimization Process

Experience a comprehensive WordPress website review and a strategic SEO plan rooted in data analysis.
Our team will reveal avenues for enhancement and fine-tune your site to elevate its visibility and attract increased web traffic, leveraging more than a decade of expertise in SEO.

Comprehensive WordPress SEO Audit

We thoroughly audit your WordPress website to identify issues impacting performance and check on-page elements and content gaps. We’ll then share thoughts on what to fix to start ranking higher.

Keyword Research & Opportunity Finding

Through intensive research into your business and customers, we discover the terms people use to find your services online. We group relevant keywords into themes to target your ICP through fresh content.

On-page WordPress Optimization

Our WordPress SEO experts will optimize your existing content for the keywords that drive search traffic. We’ll also create new blog posts, pages, and other assets around high-potential terms, driving more organic visits.

Rank Tracking & Reporting

We simplify understanding your WordPress SEO results by providing monthly reports on your site’s Google rankings, top-performing pages, site traffic, and more. We point out new areas for growth each month.

Is WordPress Good For SEO?

Yes, WordPress offers excellent SEO capabilities right out of the box. This CMS (Content Management System) automatically generates clean code and URL structures that search engines prefer.

Other SEO-friendly WordPress features include:

  • Easy metadata customization like title tags and meta descriptions.
  • Inbuilt tools to create XML sitemaps.
  • Simple integration of schema markup.
  • User-friendly interface to add alt text and file names for images.
  • Support for SEO plugins that further enhance optimization.

WordPress provides a flexible foundation upon which to layer targeted SEO strategies.

CMS screen with 'Enter title here' prompt and text editing toolbar for post composition.

Is WordPress SEO Friendly?

Yes, the WordPress CMS offers many built-in features that make optimizing for search easy.

This means you can focus more time on creating great content rather than technical SEO work.

Specifically, WordPress enables you to quickly customize on-page elements important for rankings – title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text, internal linking, etc.

Thousands of plugins provide added functionality like improved site speed, security protections, sitemaps, and more. This flexibility and customization is why WordPress sites have fantastic SEO potential.

Why is SEO Important for WordPress Sites?

SEO is critical for any website to increase findability and drive qualified organic traffic.

Detailed shot of productive typing on laptop at a business strategy team meeting.

Specifically for WordPress sites, good SEO can help:

  • Gain visibility for your brand by ranking higher in search engines.
  • Attract more visitors who are actively looking for your products/services.
  • Build authority and trust by positioning your site as an industry leader.
  • Generate more leads and sales by getting your site in front of motivated buyers.
  • Outperform competitors who aren’t optimizing their WordPress sites.

In short, SEO should be a core part of your digital marketing strategy if you want to maximize your WordPress site’s potential.

What Services Does TrioSEO Offer WordPress Users?

We offer customized WordPress SEO solutions tailored to your unique business needs and goals.

TrioSEO provides WordPress users with two options:

Strategy Plus Outlines

We research target keywords and map out post outlines and ideas. You write the content and publish it on your site.

Full Service

We develop strategy, build outlines, write optimized blogs, edit drafts, handle publishing, and provide analytics. Expect end-to-end management from research to reporting.

Packages range from $1500-$7500 monthly, with custom packages also available.

Services include competitor research, monthly strategy and analytics, human-written SEO content, publishing and on-page optimization, and constant support.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from SEO?

SEO is an ongoing process, but you can expect to see initial results within 3-6 months (depending on the strategy).

Ranking high for competitive keywords can take 6-12+ months.

The key is consistency – as you continually publish optimized content and earn backlinks, you build authority over time. We focus on long-term growth rather than quick wins.

Close-up of an analytics tracking page on a MacBook showing live data.

Are TrioSEO Services Suitable for All WordPress Users?

A writer or blogger using a content management software on a laptop to craft a new post.

Our customized WordPress SEO services work for:

  • Businesses with WordPress sites looking to drive leads and sales.
  • Bloggers aiming to grow organic traffic and readership.
  • Non-profits seeking more website visitors to spread their message.
  • Startups aiming to establish credibility and trust.

We tailor our strategies to your specific goals and needs. Our WordPress SEO experts have optimized WordPress sites across diverse industries, business sizes, and niches.

WordPress SEO Tips How to Do SEO on WordPress

Alongside our managed services, here are some DIY SEO tips to boost your WordPress site:

How to Add SEO Keywords In WordPress

Alongside our managed services, here are some DIY SEO tips to boost your WordPress site:

When creating content, incorporate the primary keyword in key areas:

  • The SEO title tag and meta description
  • At least once in the opening paragraph
  • 2-3 times in the full content
  • In a relevant H2 subheading
  • Once in the conclusion
Macro shot of a CMS interface on a monitor showing the options for creating new content.

Also, consider working keywords into:

  • Image file names and ALT text attributes
  • The URL slug structure where it reads naturally
  • Captions for photos/videos
  • Tags/categories that classify the content
A step-by-step guide on writing an effective blog post, including tips and techniques for engaging readers and optimizing content.

To research keywords to target, add your site to Google Search Console for data on actual searches to your site and related terms. Identify queries generating traffic to help expand your keywords list.

However, that’s still only one piece of the complex SEO puzzle required to boost your WordPress site’s visibility. Our WordPress SEO specialists are experts in all aspects of on-page optimization and can craft customized solutions tailored to your business needs.

If you’re looking for proven SEO experts to unlock your site’s full potential, let’s connect to discuss a dedicated plan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) surrounding this topic:

Tags are descriptive keywords you can assign to posts to indicate topics covered. Tags improve SEO by making your content more findable in search engines when users search for those terms.

Yes, tags are beneficial for SEO since they clearly tell search engines what your content is about. Relevant tagging also helps users discover your posts when browsing for related topics.

The SEO title refers to the HTML title tag for a WordPress post or page. It’s displayed as the clickable headline for that page in search results. Title tags help draw clicks from searchers seeking that topic, so strong SEO titles improve rankings.

Posts are ideal for time-sensitive content like blog updates. Pages suit more evergreen standalone content like an About page.

For SEO, regularly publishing keyword-optimized blog posts keeps your site fresh and drives ongoing traffic. Pages should also be optimized but require less frequent updates.

Working With TrioSEO

Ready to unlock the SEO potential of your WordPress site? Get started today with a customized SEO strategy from our SEO experts.

We’ll conduct an in-depth audit of your WordPress website, research winning keywords, optimize existing content, publish new posts, handle technical enhancements, and provide ongoing performance reports.

Rank higher, gain more traffic, and ultimately boost conversions. Partner with TrioSEO for WordPress SEO services!

Who We Are

We’ve scaled businesses to 6, 7, and 8 figures utilizing SEO with an exit in 2019 to The Hoth. SEO is the cornerstone of any business we build. We’re on a mission to offer our exact strategies to  other businesses online.

Let's Level Up Your SEO

See what it’s like having WordPress SEO experts on your team. We’ll run a content audit, then reach out to discuss next steps of working together. 

How to Make a Monthly SEO Plan

Consistency is key, so having a monthly SEO plan will keep you in the game. Here are the steps you need to take:

Start with a website audit  and competitor analysis.  identify strengths, weaknesses, and ranking opportunities.

Uncover relevant keywords  based on search intent and  competitive landscape.  Prioritize high-value terms.

Develop high-quality content targeting your  chosen keywords. Focus on  value, user experience, and engagement.

Refine on-page elements  like titles, meta descriptions,  and content for target keywords.

Secure high-quality backlinks from credible sources to boost domain authority.

Monitor key metrics like  organic traffic, ranking  positions, lead generation,  and content performance.  Analyze data and adapt strategies.

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