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Beginner’s Guide to CBD Content Writing [Tips Included]

Featured Image - Beginner’s Guide to CBD Content Writing [Tips Included]
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The cannabis sector has witnessed unprecedented growth these past few years, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Projected to grow to over 36 billion US dollars in the coming years, the industry offers entrepreneurs abundant opportunities.

However, all these opportunities are worthless if you have lackluster content. As everyone says, content is king. Writing content for the cannabis industry poses a significant challenge for writers and creators due to the complex and dynamic nature of the subject.

Despite that, it remains a rewarding endeavor for those up to the challenge. With the right approach, you can get it right.

Our team at TrioSEO can help you get there. Our diverse team with varied industry expertise can deliver well-researched and compliant CBD content to help grow your blog organically. 

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What is CBD Content Writing?

CBD content writing is a form of writing that focuses on cannabidiol, a compound acclaimed for its potential health benefits and therapeutic effects. This writing form has recently gained popularity, particularly for CBD’s benefits, uses, research findings, and industry news.

As more companies enter the CBD industry, there is a growing need for content that educates and persuades consumers.

Why is CBD Content Writing Important?

Because the industry has grown to a massive scale, well-written CBD content is essential to helping consumers make informed decisions on CBD products. Several product forms of CBD are available today, including oils, tinctures, and edibles.

High-quality CBD content provides accurate information on the differences between these products, their potential risks, and their benefits.

In a time where misinformation can spread like wildfire, you must provide superior CBD content to grow your website.

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Elements of Cannabis Website Content

Learn more about the different elements of cannabis website content below:

1. Relevant Topic

Without a relevant topic, your content may fail to capture the interest of your audience. Keep your topics fresh and aligned with your audience’s interest. Writing compelling headlines helps draw readers in.

2. Keywords

If you want your website to gain traffic and engagement, you must focus on the right keywords. Channel your efforts toward finding relevant high-traffic keywords. Incorporating this into your content does wonders for your engagement.

Start with keywords related to your CBD product. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs can assist you in your keyword research process.

3. References

Whether they’re sprinkled throughout articles or placed in the footnotes, adding references when discussing CBD content is a must to validate any claims.

4. Multimedia

No one likes reading walls of text on the Internet. Incorporate photos and videos into your content to increase engagement and improve audience comprehension.

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Tips to Write the Most Effective CBD Content

Writing effective CBD content does not come easy, but these tips can guide you in the right direction:

  1. Research: We can’t write a list of tips without including research. Well-researched information makes content more effective in every industry, and the CBD industry is no exception.

When searching for information, refer to peer-reviewed scientific journal articles to ensure you get the most accurate and up-to-date data on your topic of choice.

To boost your website’s reputation, make it a practice to cite legitimate sources.

  1. Know Your Audience: Understand your target audience. Are they experienced CBD users, beginners, or health professionals? Tailor your content to their interests and knowledge level. By doing so, you provide value to your readers.
  2. Keep It Simple: Avoid using jargon and other technical terms that can alienate your audience. Keep your language simple and concise. In the case of content writing, less is more.
  3. Proofread: Even the most experienced writers make mistakes. Good writing takes time. Run through articles multiple times to polish your prose and clarify any ideas.
  4. Create Unique Content: The Internet is brimming with loads of repetitive information. Sharing unique and valuable content separates yours from the thousands of other web pages writing about the same topic.

That’s why having experienced writers who can offer fresh insights and perspectives pays off.

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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Content Writing Services

Do you need help selecting a content writing service?

Here’s how you can choose the best one:

1. Know Your Writing Needs

There are different forms of content writing. Identify the type of content writing service you need.

Do you need blogging services to provide information on your new CBD product? Are you looking for a fresh copy for your CBD website? The answers to these help narrow down your options.

2. Compare Writing Services

No two writing services are the same. When you haven’t tried out a particular writing service, it’s worth reading testimonials from other clients.

Compare factors such as pricing models and the expertise of their writers in the CBD industry.

3. Check Their Other Offerings

Some agencies offer other services besides content writing. Others may provide on-page SEO services, content strategy, and blog management services. 

When bundled with content writing services, these strategies can create a comprehensive market solution that addresses the visibility and engagement of your CBD content.

4. Ask About Their Turnaround Time

An agency worth its salt can easily provide a turnaround time for its content writing services

Before committing to an agency, read customer reviews to see if it consistently meets its deadlines.

5. Inquire About the Revision Process

Chances are, you might not be completely satisfied with the agency’s final output. Ask how they handle revisions. 

Do they have any limits for revisions, or are you free to ask them any time you want?

6. Read Past Samples

If an agency offers them, past samples provide insight into the writing style and process. This gives you a clearer idea of whether the content quality meets your standards. 

Our team at TrioSEO has over 10+ years of experience creating content that generates organic traffic and qualified leads. Reach out to TrioSEO for a free SEO audit so we can unlock your fullest potential!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the most frequently asked questions on CBD content writing:

What Are the Legal Considerations for Writing CBD Content?

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges when writing CBD content involves the legalities. The CBD market is growing, and so are the regulations surrounding it. These legalities differ across regions, so you must be extra mindful about your content, especially if you have a global audience.

One of the most important regulations you must abide by is the Food, Drug, & Cosmetics Act, which stipulates multiple provisions for what drugs, food products, or cosmetic products should be classified as.

When marketing a CBD product through content, your language can make or break it. Avoid using terms like “treat” or “cure.” You must refrain from mentioning CBD’s ability to treat anything as a fact. When you do mention CBD product benefits or the like, cite your sources.

Although it may be challenging to comply with these regulations, the FDA sends warnings to companies violating the law. That’s why content should be accurate, informative, and compliant with regulations.

As the regulatory environment continues to shift in the upcoming years, it helps to review your content regularly to see if it still meets the regulatory standards.

What Role Does Scientific Research Play in CBD Content Writing? 

Because CBD is a topic of a scientific nature, scientific research plays a pivotal role in content writing. Technical topics tend to be held to a higher standard regarding accuracy and legitimacy. 

Reference peer-reviewed studies. However, as new CBD studies are released, you have to watch for the latest developments in the industry. For instance, one study can make a particular claim about CBD, only to be debunked by a peer-reviewed study later.

Not all scientific journal articles are of good quality. A CBD content writer must learn how to appraise scientific journal articles. They must scrutinize details, including their methodology, research design, and the credibility of authors and publishing journals.

Undergoing this appraisal process ensures that the scientific information you share with your readers is accurate and up-to-date.

How Can Content Writing Influence Consumer Trust in CBD Products?

Content writing enlightens consumers on the benefits of CBD products and safety information. You can also use your content to shed light on the sources of your products (e.g., whether they are hemp-based or not).

It’s also the perfect opportunity to discuss everything behind the scenes, such as quality control tests and extraction methods. This can cement the consumers’ trust in your products.


As CBD continues gaining popularity and acceptance, the demand for high-quality CBD content will only increase. By mastering the art of CBD content writing, you can successfully engage your audience and capitalize on this growing market.

To help you achieve this, TrioSEO offers content writing services to cover all your CBD content needs. Our team, with 10+ years of experience, has got everything covered – whether it’s creating CBD content or optimizing it for search engines.

Let’s collaborate to create engaging content that generates traffic and targeted leads. Connect with TrioSEO to begin your free SEO audit today!

TrioSEO - Connor Gillivan

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