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6-Point SaaS SEO Checklist – Ultimate Guide

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You’ve crafted an exceptional software solution, but how do you ensure it makes its mark in today’s digital world? Quick answer: Fine-tune your SaaS SEO strategy.

57% of B2B digital marketers view SEO as their most significant lead generator. With a powerful stat like that, it’s apparent that you need to ensure you’re doing everything just right to fully unlock the power of SEO for your business.

Our ultimate SEO checklist can be your key to unlocking your business’s full potential. In this easy and concise resource, we’ll walk you through essential steps to drive more traffic, improve rankings, and outshine competitors in the highly competitive SaaS market.

TL;DR – SaaS SEO Checklist

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of the types of SEO checklists that we have covered in detail in this blog:

  • Basic SaaS SEO
  • SaaS Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • Technical SaaS SEO
  • Off-Page SaaS SEO

However, if you’re ready to enhance your online presence straight off with effective SEO, connect with us today. At TriSEO, we specialize in comprehensive SaaS SEO solutions, encompassing audits, writing, analytics, and concise reporting, which help boost traffic, sign-ups, and revenue effortlessly.

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What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO is an essential strategy to enhance the visibility of your SaaS website on search engines. Its goal is to draw in targeted users interested in your software and convert them into loyal customers.

SaaS SEO adheres to standard SEO principles like keyword research, technical SEO, and link building but with a SaaS-focused approach.

Here’s a quick rundown for better clarity:

  • SaaS SEO goes beyond the basics, embracing content marketing, social media engagement, and user experience optimization for global prominence.
  • As SaaS is usually subscription-based, SaaS SEO involves guiding users through each step in their purchase journey with tailored resources, such as ebooks, online customer reviews, and blogs.
  • SaaS companies typically have a global target audience, so SaaS SEO prioritizes broad outreach, steering away from local SEO tactics.

In a nutshell, SaaS SEO differs by prioritizing customer personas and solving their problems. Moreover, it emphasizes long-term solutions, prioritizing conversions as well as clicks.

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Why Do You Need a SaaS SEO Checklist?

Picture this: Your SaaS products, sold through subscriptions, thrive in the digital landscape, with SaaS sales cycles averaging 41 days for new deals. For this reason, unlike quick consumer buys, the extended SaaS sales cycle requires a tailored SEO strategy.

It will help you guide prospective buyers through the funnel, offering information, comparisons, and social proof to help them make informed decisions.

The ultimate SaaS SEO checklist also guides your journey to:

  • Develop tailored SaaS SEO strategies: Customize your SEO for on-page, technical, and link-building to stand out in the competitive market.

  • Create a unique brand identity: Optimize your site to create a distinctive brand identity in a challenging landscape.

  • Build credibility: Implement good SEO practices to build and improve your credibility, domain authority, and customer trust.

  • Increase customer engagement: Provide users with quality content to foster long-term relationships and engagement while boosting revenue.

  • Implement multi-channel SEO: Maximize SEO across channels, drive traffic to high-converting pages, and cut Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

If your current strategy isn’t steering your SaaS business toward digital dominance, TrioSEO is here to be your strategic ally.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward a stronger online presence, connect with our SEO experts right away. We’ll tailor our SaaS SEO services, including content writing, keyword research, SAAS SEO checklists, and more, to perfectly align with your goals.

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6-Point SaaS SEO Checklist

Going through long SaaS SEO checklists can be overwhelming when you want all the details in a simple, concise format. Our SaaS SEO checklist is your ideal shortcut for a quick, practical roadmap to boost your digital presence!

Continue reading.

1. Basic SaaS SEO Checklist

Before tackling a detailed SaaS SEO checklist, familiarize yourself with its basics for smoother progress.

Use this simple checklist as a starting point and also a thorough audit:

  • Google visibility: Ensure Google crawls and indexes your SaaS site for visibility and ranking.

  • Meta tags and content optimization: Craft meta tags, headers, and content to improve search engine performance and relevance. Also, avoid content duplication for better search relevance.

  • Off-page SEO: Develop an off-page SEO strategy for quality backlinks and a credible online presence.

  • User experience: Design a user experience that boosts engagement, reduces bounce rates, and enhances customer satisfaction.

  • KPIs: Implement analysis and monitoring of KPIs like traffic and conversions for refined SaaS SEO.

Now that you’re equipped with the essentials, let’s explore a more detailed SaaS SEO checklist to ensure comprehensive website optimization.

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2. SaaS Keyword Research Checklist

Keyword research helps accelerate your brand’s growth by identifying specific words your customers use at every stage, from discovering your brand to making a decision.

Here’s a keyword checklist to optimize results:

  • Long-tail keywords: Go beyond generic terms; focus on specific, high-intent, long-tail keywords.

  • Keyword tools: Use tools like SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner to get insight into search volume and difficulty.

  • Voice search: Prioritize voice search with easily pronounceable keywords.

  • Social media: Tap into audience questions on social media and forums for valuable keyword ideas.

  • Industry trends: Stay updated on industry trends and monitor keyword performance.

  • Continuous optimization: Adapt your strategy to ensure ongoing optimization for relevant searches as the industry evolves.

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3. On-Page SEO Checklist

If your SaaS platform needs a visibility boost, try on-page optimization. You can enhance your website’s position in search results by strategically tweaking your content.

Here’s a checklist to help you:

  • URLs: Keep URLs short, clear, and keyword-focused. Avoid numbers and hyphens in the primary domain, and align slugs with the page headers.

  • Title tags: Optimize title tags with user-friendly keywords, maintain concise meta descriptions, and include a call-to-action.

  • Image format: Use relevant images named with the main keyword. Choose JPEG or PNG based on your needs.

  • Image compression: Compress images using tools like TinyPNG or WP Smush and use descriptive alt tags for improved rankings.

  • Table of contents: Add a clickable table of contents (where relevant) to enhance navigation.

  • Overlapping keywords: Address keyword overlaps by creating new pages, finding fresh keywords, and avoiding page duplication. Utilize 301 redirects as needed.

  • Keyword optimization: Place keywords strategically, aiming for 1%- 2% density; use them in H1s, H2s, the intro, the conclusion, and throughout the page.

  • Content formatting: Format content with short paragraphs, H2s, and H3s for readability.

We get it; juggling the intricacies of on-page SEO can be overwhelming. At TrioSEO, we can make on-page SaaS SEO a breeze for you! Connect with us to learn how.

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4. Content Optimization Checklist

As your digital presence evolves, you should ensure that your SaaS content is finely tuned to meet your audience’s ever-growing demands.

Use our quick and easy ultimate content SEO checklist for a seamless content makeover:

  • SEO audit: Conduct an SEO audit to identify and prioritize content optimization areas.

  • Keyword mapping: Emphasize keyword mapping and prioritization for effective optimization.

  • Existing content: Optimize existing content through keyword research for quick gains.

  • Keyword clustering: Compete in relevant keywords to showcase expertise and build industry authority.

  • Outdated content: Curtail redundant or obsolete content to improve your website’s health and performance.

  • Content pruning: Enhance visibility for new or high-performing pieces through strategic content pruning.

Use these points to streamline your SEO content audits, article writing, and performance tracking.

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5. Technical SaaS SEO Checklist

Before we begin, remember that on-page SEO and technical SEO are different. Technical SEO is your site’s backbone, ensuring easy navigation for search engines and boosting visibility.

Pro tip: Use schema markup in technical SEO for complex SaaS topics to help search engines understand your page, which can lead to detailed results and more clicks.

Here’s a simplified landing page SEO checklist:

  • Site audit: Use tools like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog,, or Ahrefs to crawl your site. Fix duplicate content, thin pages, and JavaScript-blocking navigation.

  • Page load: Address 404 errors. Fix slow page load times. You could leverage tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, which analyzes the page speed of your website and suggests ways to improve it.

  • Site compatibility: Ensure site compatibility across all devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Sitemap: Have a sitemap.xml file for Google to understand your site structure.

  • Crawl readiness: Maintain a robots.txt file to guide Google on what to crawl.

  • Constant reviews: Regularly re-crawl your site to check changes and catch new issues.

  • Site performance: Manage critical issues (such as crawling, rendering, and indexing) consistently for optimal site performance.

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6. Off-Page SaaS SEO Checklist

Utilizing off-page SEO resources goes beyond your site and impacts search rankings. Simply put, it’s not just about backlinks; it’s a focused effort toward trust, reliability, and popularity.

When boosting your online presence, consider these factors for off-page SaaS SEO:

  • Backlinks search: Pitch for relevant posts and backlinks using Google searches or competitor profiles. Find articles listing top products in your niche and pitch for a backlink and exposure.

  • Podcasts for backlinks: Get backlinks by being featured on podcasts – reach out, get interviewed, and secure a link.

  • Influencer marketing: Build relationships with influencers and ask them to share your content or link to your site.

  • Diverse content: Create diverse, valuable content such as infographics, images, and other visual content for long-term, high-quality backlinks.

  • Broken links: Spot broken links, offer your content as a replacement, and earn a backlink.

  • Competitor backlinks: Check competitor backlinks; reach out to those domains for potential link opportunities.

Off-page SaaS SEO doesn’t have to be daunting. With a strategic approach and consistent effort, you can significantly boost your brand’s authority and visibility across the web.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover essential insights about a SaaS SEO checklist with this handy FAQ resource.

What should be the SaaS SEO Checklist for Beginners?

As a beginner, embarking on your SaaS SEO campaign can be exciting and challenging. Keep these critical takeaways in mind as you shape your strategy:

  • Tailor your approach to your audience.

  • Track competitor movements and stay updated with search engine changes.

  • Emphasize technical SEO and user experience.

  • Implement strong on-page SEO and content tactics.

  • Leverage off-page SEO with backlink building.

  • For SaaS companies with specific geographic audiences, align local SEO with goals and commit to continuous improvement for optimal results.

Is the SEO Checklist Different for Every Industry?

Yes, SEO checklists can vary for each industry due to unique requirements and nuances specific to their target audience, content, and local optimization goals.

What is the Best Way to Know if my SEO Checklist is Working for Me?

Here are a few indicators to show your SEO checklist is working:

  • You have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how to measure progress.

  • You know which keywords are best for your business.

  • Your website looks great and works smoothly on all devices – laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

  • After optimizing meta descriptions, headlines, and title tags, you see more clicks and engagement from search engine users.

  • Your web content is original and reader-friendly, with ample white space, concise sentences and paragraphs, engaging images, and compelling headlines.

  • On-page SEO and technical improvements have made your site fast, secure, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

  • You have implemented off-page SEO, securing quality backlinks and expanding your online authority.


With our SaaS SEO Checklist, you now have the roadmap to boost traffic, enhance rankings, and stand out in the competitive SaaS market.

Remember that SaaS SEO isn’t just about search engine optimization; it’s about connecting with your audience, solving their problems, and guiding them through a personalized journey.

Also, you don’t have to go alone in your SaaS business journey. TrioSEO’s strategic support and expertise can help enhance your online presence with tangible results.

Why wait? Schedule a discovery call today, and let us create a customized solution for your unique SaaS needs.

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