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Although it may sound daunting initially, understanding and implementing technical SEO is much more straightforward than it seems. 

Technical SEO forms the bridge between user needs and search engine requirements.

This article will demystify the world of technical SEO, offering insights for newcomers and seasoned experts keen on refreshing their knowledge of the latest best practices.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the optimization activities that help search engines efficiently crawl, interpret, and index a website’s content, ultimately improving its rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). It doesn’t involve content creation but optimizes the website’s infrastructure. 

Key aspects include enhancing website speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness, securing the website with HTTPS, creating an XML sitemap, and optimizing the site’s structure to improve usability. Technical SEO is vital to make a website as accessible and understandable to search engine bots as it is to humans. 

In a nutshell, technical SEO helps to improve the website’s readability and user experience, laying the groundwork for higher visibility in search results. 

By focusing on technical SEO, web admins can ensure their site meets the technical requirements of modern search engines, thereby improving their chances of ranking well.

TrioSEO - Technical SEO - What is it

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Technical SEO is the silent powerhouse behind a successful website. 

More than just keywords and quality content, it’s about tuning the nuts and bolts of your site’s structure to clinch a top spot in search engine rankings.

A pivotal role of technical SEO is enhancing your site’s visibility. It turbocharges organic traffic and hones in on essential features like crawlability, indexability, and renderability, helping search engines decode your webpage content for higher SERP rankings

But it’s not all about pleasing algorithms; user experience is a big deal, too. Elements like quick page load times and secure connections directly impact bounce rates and user dwell times, all of which are things to keep in mind when optimizing your website.

TrioSEO - Technical SEO - Why is it important

And here’s the thing: no matter how great your content is, without technical SEO, it might as well be a needle in a haystack. Proper schema markups and structured data are your tickets to standing out in the crowded digital space, offering users pinpointed search results.

Now, breaking it down, technical SEO offers three major perks:

  • Boosting Organic Traffic: By applying technical SEO strategies, you pave the way for better visibility and higher SERP rankings, pulling in more traffic naturally.
  • Enhancing User Experience: Improvements like faster page loads and tightened security offer your visitors a seamless experience and give you a thumbs up in Google’s Core Web Vitals.
  • Maximizing Content Visibility: Leveraging structured data helps extend your content reach, making every piece you craft a potential goldmine in relevant searches.

When asking, “What does my website need?” the answer is often “A solid foundation in Technical SEO.” This approach equips your site with the tools to outshine competitors while setting the stage for exponential growth. So, why not give your website the technical SEO advantage it deserves?

Technical SEO Checklist

Below are some basics when it comes to a technical SEO checklist: 

Crawlability Checklist

The first item on our technical SEO checklist relates to your website’s crawlability. Search engines use bots, or “crawlers,” to scour the web for new or updated content. By optimizing your website for crawlability, you ensure these bots can access and understand your content effectively.

Maximize Your Crawl Budget

The ‘crawl budget‘ refers to the number of pages search engine crawlers and index on your site within a given period. Avoid duplicate content, correctly use the robots.txt file, and keep your sitemap up-to-date to maximize this budget.

TrioSEO - Technical SEO - Crawl Budget

Create and Submit an XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap gives search engines a roadmap of your site’s structure, which helps them find key pages faster and understand their relevance to other pages. Ensure all essential pages are listed in this sitemap and submit it via Google Search Console for optimal visibility.


Renderability ensures that not only can crawlers read your page – but they can also render it like a browser would. To enhance renderability, minimize server response times, remove unnecessary JavaScript and CSS blocking resources, and optimize media file sizes.


Improving rankability means fine-tuning elements directly impacting your site’s rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), which involves meticulously keyword-optimizing metadata, crafting compelling meta descriptions, and improving backlink profiles, among other technical SEO elements.

TrioSEO - Technical SEO - Rankability


Click-through rates weigh heavily on SERP rankings; hence, it’s vital to lure users into clicking on your links through persuasive titles and meta-descriptions catering to user intent matching keywords.

Implement an SSL Certificate

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) creates an encrypted link between a user’s browser and the server hosting your website, showing commitment towards data security.

What Technical SEO Issue Can You Solve With an SSL Certificate?

By implementing SSL certificates, you demonstrate trustworthiness while resolving any mixed content issues leading towards serving secure https URLs, ensuring a safer user experience.

TrioSEO - Technical SEO - Structured Data

Importance of Structured Data

Implementing structured data markup allows input of additional information, aiding crawlers in understanding richer context about specific webpage details and enhancing chances for said page to appear in featured snippets, thus attracting better traffic.

Optimizing Page Speed

Page speed is critical in crafting a positive user experience and maintaining low bounce rates, influencing SERP rankings. It’s crucial to employ compression techniques and reduce request counts to prevent bottlenecks that can slow load times and hinder overall performance.

TrioSEO - Technical SEO - Page Speed

Optimize Your URL Structure

Clean URLs should naturally flow containing your main keyword rather than random numbers or symbols, thereby allowing more precise indications of managed content within each webpage, i.e., achieving better human readability accompanied by increased click-through rates from search results.

Optimize Your Site Architecture

Strengthening your site architecture is essential for helping search engine spiders understand hierarchical structures, ensuring smooth crawl paths, and swift indexation. Utilizing breadcrumbs for efficient navigation significantly enhances user-friendliness. Moreover, optimizing internal linking distributes link equity across your domain, increasing your chances of ranking better.

TrioSEO - Technical SEO - Site Architecture

Add Scheme Markup

Leverage schema markup to utilize the benefits of rich snippets, which can capture user interest at pivotal moments and enhance organic click-through rates. 


Technical SEO is vital for unlocking your website’s full potential. This checklist highlights critical strategies, including optimizing crawl budget and ensuring SSL certificate implementation.

Keep an eye out for issues like slow loading times and security vulnerabilities, and continually update your technical and on-page SEO strategies to maintain a robust online presence. Staying updated with the latest technical SEO is essential in the dynamic digital landscape.

By following this guide, you’ll be on the path to achieving high SERP rankings with a user-friendly and technically sound website.

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